Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Dream

Hi there, it's Eva here.

The other night, I dreamt about Evans. Let me tell you a bit about him, yeah? I started to like him 7 months ago, therefore he has been my crush for 7 months. Keep in mind, he still is. At one point, both of us were acting like a couple but weren't. I wished I was his girlfriend though, but he has other priorities and I'm actually happy that he chose to succeed in life first, rather than just falling in love. Despite his choice, we still kept on doing what we were doing. Then came along his really close friend Serena, and I had a feeling that Serena had feelings for Evans. About a month ago, Evans told me that he stopped liking me and he hopes that I won't have feelings like that anymore.

Wow, was that depressing.

Since then, every time Evans goes out with his friends, he tends to take photos of him and Serena and posts them on instagram. This just makes me so upset and angry and just wanting to punch her in the face. I bet, if I'm right about her having feelings for him, she'll be satisfied since she got what she wanted, huh? I've been trying to get over him, but I just can't. He's totally not like my ex-boyfriends.

The other night, I dreamt about him.
I saw him hanging out with Serena and they were like perfect for each other, totally happy with one another. That just broke me. Teardrops started to fall, but he caught me crying. So, I ran. He caught up, and started asking me why. I don't remember much after that though.

I know it's not much, but I mean, if you were in my position, you'll breakdown just by thinking about it.  He made me feel so special, he made me want to be a better person, for him. He made me happy. He was like the full package. And I lost him. I doubt I'm ever going to get him back. I swear, the girl who marries him will be one lucky wife. He deserves much more than me, I admit. But I hope one day, we'll fall for each other again.

Besides the fact that I've lost him, I'm just so thankful that Allah has given me a chance to receive his love. Alhamdulillah. I wish you the best, Evans.

Evangeline Bangeline.